R22 Refrigerant Gas usage banned from 2015

New legislation has enforced the removal and replacement of R22 in refrigeration systems. R22 refrigerants were widely used throughout most old air conditioning and various refrigeration plants.

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Why were the R22 legislation changes made?

The reasoning behind the changes in the R22 refrigeration legislation is because studies have shown they have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer resulting in excessive UV levels. Due to this, the R22 refrigerants may contribute to further environmental damage. The extent to which R22 refrigerants contribute to global warming is still the subject of intensive debate, although many affected companies have taken the opportunity to comply with the new regulations earlier than planned. This is being demonstrated at two levels:

  • As existing R22 refrigeration systems begin to require modernisation, the majority of companies are choosing to phase these out rather than go to expense of needlessly repairing or maintaining them.
  • Secondly, unlike the R22 refrigerants, each new factory build/extension will now use refrigerants such as ammonia, R410a and R404a which have zero ozone depleting potential. These refrigerants are also proven to be more energy efficient than the R22 refrigerant and are therefore a wiser and more popular choice for the companies in question.

When did the R22 Refrigerant changes have to be finished?

Although many companies have undergone or are in the process of exchanging their R22 refrigerants, huge conversions still need to be undertaken to ensure that the 2015 deadline for complete R22 replacement is accomplished.

Additional complications come about when considering the pressure of changing a R22 refrigeration system has upon a company that relies upon the refrigerator for is daily running.

  • Key to a smooth transition lies with ensuring the successful project management of the removal of the R22 refrigerant and professional installation of a replacement system.

Central project issues include effective and efficient utilisation of existing equipment wherever possible, construction of new building, minimising disruption to ongoing operations and the smooth integration of new plant during a suitable period.

  • Most importantly, the careful and safe removal of the R22 and its integral chemicals is foremost to an effective exchange.

The replacement of R22 also carries substantial risk as the new refrigerants contain Hydrocarbons. Consisting mostly of Iso-butane, Propane and Ammonia, these refrigerants have additional hazards associated with them which will require specialist engineering skills for them to be dealt with.

In addition, there is ‘Mandatory registration' of engineers onto the ACRIB register and Companies onto the REFCOM register that must be adhered to. All Chill Factor’s Refrigeration & A/C Engineers are qualified Fgas Certified (C&G 2079) plus Chill Factor Ltd. Is registered with REFCOM (No.1001746).

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